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Frontal Lobe

One of four major divisions of the cerebral cortex, the frontal lobe makes up about 20% of the brain and sits just behind your forehead. You use your frontal lobe to make those everyday decisions, such as which clothes to select in the morning. Personality is also formed here, so perhaps that passion for shopping or football can be localised to this region? The frontal lobe is also heavily implicated in higher mental processes, like making plans and thinking about future consequences. When you coerce yourself into turning off the tv, and not watching that next episode despite the big cliff-hanger because "you don't want to feel tired for work/school in the morning" - it is because your frontal lobe is allowing you to forward plan and think about the consequences of feeling tired at work all day! 

The frontal lobe is highly developed in human beings compared to other species, and that is because we're social beings who engage in many more complex cognitive tasks than other animals. The frontal lobe is involved in reasoning, planning, and abstract thought. The frontal lobe is thought to be the most important brain region responsible for separating us from the remainder of the animal kingdom, after all you can't speak to a chimpanzee about "why we exist" or "what's in space"! 

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